NEW ORLEANS – If you have pain from arthritis, diabetes or fibromyalgia, you’ll want to hear about a little known cream that some people say helps them.

Charmaine Stanton was an active mother who loved her Jazzercise class. Then, in her mid 40s, something changed.

“It hit me about five years ago, and it’s just debilitating,” said Stanton, 49.

The diagnosis was fibromyalgia.

“It takes me a couple of hours to get out the house, and I hate that,” she said.

A prescription helps with pain in her back, neck, arms and hands. She only likes to take it at the scheduled time, even though the pain can come back before then. But recently she found something with a strange name that helps. It’s called “Two Old Goats.”

“It just relieves me. Three minutes, I start feeling better,” Stanton said.

*Aired on Delmarva Life (4WWL TV) or March 3, 2015

Another interesting discovery for arthritis relief is ‘Two Old Goats’ lotion. It is made up of 6 essential oils and a water and goats milk base. It is an anti-inflammatory, relaxing, and a pain reliever. Relieves the pain for a short period of time, but people like it because it doesn’t have a strong medication odor. Dr. Herbert Muncie, Jr., family physician, says, it might really work and it might just be people thinking it works. There is no harm in the ingredients. Bryan & Brittingham, Inc. in Delmar, Del. has Two Old Goats lotion. Some pharmacies and hardware stores have it as well.

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